Florian Sitzmann solo.


Florian Sitzmann's first solo album consists exclusively of improvisations that were performed on selected instruments in selected locations - ranging from an old dilapidated upright piano to a concert grand and from a soulless studio to an ancient church.

It is left to the listener to determine whether “Felt on Strings” is referring to felt- the fabric or felt- the feeling. Perhaps the genesis of this album influences the choice: all of the tracks on this album are completely unprepared improvisations emerging from the place and the time they were felt and recorded. Compared to prepared compositions improvisations have less structure and cannot be carefully rehearsed. Instead they are, in the moment of their creation, pure honesty and quite unpredictable thus imbuing each new hearing with fresh energy. And they are always a risk born in the tense knowledge that they might go wrong...


A few of the improvisations were created while watching the artist Antje Fink paint on canvas. Her painting inspired my music just as my music inspired what she painted. Now and again some background noise can be heard as in Track 3 as this was only meant to be a sound check during the set-up of canvas and video equipment.

Other pieces were played simultaneously on two pianos which gives a breadth of sound and a conversational element of expression which cannot be performed or experienced with only one instrument.

For me, being the person I am, the pieces on this CD are not least of all expression and homage to the Spirit of God who once “floated over the water” and became the source of all creativity and still today heals, comforts and inspires.